Cheetah Technologies

Cheetah Technologies (Pty) Ltd, based in Alrode Alberton established in 1980, operating from our newly refurbished 4000 m² Facility. Cheetah Technologies are the OEM for a Range of Pneumatic Products (Cheetah Chainsaw, Cheetah Sump Pump, Cheetah Single Cutter, Cheetah Vertical Grinders 9” 7” 4.5” 4”.) Our OEM product range also includes (Grout Guns, Pinch bars, Scrapers, Blow Pipes, Aluminium Conduit System, Precision Engineering, Rugged 4X4 Kit) Our Manufacturing capability’s range from CNC Machining, Eccentric Pressings, Precision Grinding, Welding, Metal Fabrication etc. Our In-House R&D team are continuously improving our existing product range as well as developing new products. We manufacture a wide range of products detailed below.

Pneumatic Mining Equipment 

Cheetah Technologies manufacture a Pneumatic Chainsaw, Sump Pump (vortex) Single Cutter (Sampling Machine) and Lacing Cutter, especially designed for the tough Platinum, Gold and Chrome mines. The machines are Designed and developed in-house to suit South Africa's unique conditions.

Pneumatic Grinders 

Cheetah Technologies manufacture a range of Pneumatic Grinders for Heavy Industry and foundries. These machines are Designed and developed in-house to suit South Africa's unique conditions.

Pinch Bars

Cheetah Technologies manufacture a full range of Aluminum Pinch Bars for the Mining industry. This unique and innovative product is used extensively throughout Southern Africa. The Pinch bar is available in Standard duty, Heavy duty Or extra Heavy Duty (hex) application depended.

Cheetah Technologies Supply’s Hex Pinch Bar (steel) Marlin Spike & Cold Sate Chisels for the Mining industry. This unique and innovative product is used extensively throughout Southern Africa.

Capsule loader (Grout gun)

This unique product is used extensively in the Mining Industry to dispense specialized grouts in various applications. This innovative product is used extensively in Southern Africa.

Blow Pipe

Aluminum Blow pipe manufactured to Customers specification.


Aluminum & Copper scrappers manufactured to Customers specification.

Ladder Rungs

Complete Ladder Rung manufactured to highest standard. Custom lengths manufactured as required.

Bread Pans Lids & Trays

Cheetah Technologies manufactures a range of Bread Pans, lids and Trays. Using the highest quality materials and manufacturing process. We manufacture Special sizes as required.

Safe Spark (Electrical System)

Cheetah Technologies manufacture the SAFE SPARK Aluminum Conduit System. This product provides a sealed corrosive resistant solution to any electrical installation

Precision Engineering

Cheetah Technologies offers Precision & General Engineering, CNC Milling & Turning, Conventional Milling & Turning, Precision Grinding, Eccentric Pressings, Light fabrication (welding etc.). Boasting a Fully equipment workshop, and offering a design service so as to ensure our customer’s requirements are fulfilled timeously. (3D printing).

Rugged (4x4 Kit)     

Cheetah Technologies manufacture this high quality 4x4 kit. Use of modern materials and innovative design, this is a must have for any outdoor enthusiast.

Quarry Accessories

Cheetah Technologies manufactures and stocks a full range of quarry accessories related to diamond wire sawing and drilling in dimension stone

Hydrostress / Tyrolit

Cheetah Technologies are the sole agent for the Hydrostress / Tyrolit range of Machines & Diamond Blades (Rock Sampling). Cheetah market and service this product in Southern Africa.

Benetti Quarry Machines

Cheetah Technologies supplies and services the dimension stone quarries with a complete range of machinery and accessories.