Safe Spark Electrical Conduit

Safe Spark

Safe Spark Electrical Conduit



Corrosion Resistant

SAFESPARK CONDUIT is highly resistant to marine and most industrial corrosive environments.

Light Weight

The light weight of SAFESPARK CONDUIT facilitates erection, and therefore saves time and installation costs. It also facilitates transportation from factory to site.


The price compares favourably with alternative materials - especially when one considers that the first cost is the last. The long life of SAFESPARK CONDUIT even in harsh corrosive environments eliminates the need for frequent and costly replacement.

On-site Workability

SAFESPARK CONDUIT can be cut on site without any damage to its corrosion-resistant properties.

Electrical Conductivity

SAFESPARK CONDUIT provides a good earth continuity path.

Thermal Conductivity

Despite the lower melting point of SAFESPARK CONDUIT, its ability to carry short circuit currents is superior to that of galvanised steel.


SAFESPARK CONDUIT, being non-magnetic, exhibits no hysteresis losses from alternating current fields. The net effect is that voltage drop in a typical three-phase circuit in a SAFESPARK CONDUIT is lower than with corresponding steel conduit.

Good Appearance

SAFESPARKC ONDUIT remains aesthetically pleasing for its entire lifetime owing to the corrosion resistant properties of aluminium.


SAFESPARK CONDUIT adds to safety in locations where explosive vapours or dust are present, eg. refineries, grain elevators. When accidentally struck, it does not generate a spark which might cause an explosion.


The products of SAFESPARK CONDUIT S normal weathering are non-staining and do not mar the appearance of paint, brick or concrete surfaces as does rust.